“Event” and “ValeFest” refers to ValeFest 2017
“Vale Festival” refers to the organising committee of students
“Site” refers to the area where ValeFest is held bound by fencing.
“Management” refers to Vale Festival, site security and management at The Vale Village. “Wristband” refers to the wristband used to attend ValeFest, and “You” refers to the holder of the Wristband and “Your” shall be read accordingly.

  1. These Rules apply to any person at the Event.
  2. ValeFest is also subject to Guild of Students’ Terms & Conditions, which can be found here.
  3. Tickets are not refundable under any circumstances other than cancellation of the event or unless the event is moved to another date which prohibits you from attending. In this instance the full value of the ticket less any booking fees and postage/credit card charges will be refunded.
  4. All tickets can only be collected/redeemed by the purchaser with proof of identification.
  5. You must retain and wear your Wristband at all times inside the festival. It will not be replaced under any circumstance, and anyone seen without one will be asked to leave the festival. Duplicate wristbands will not be issued for lost or stolen wristbands.
  6. Entry to ValeFest is only permitted with a Wristband. Damaged or tampered wristbands are invalid.
  7. You may collect your Wristband in the week prior to ValeFest or on entry, which must not be removed until departure.
  8. Failure to show an intact Wristband on request will result in entry being refused and may result in you being asked to leave the Event.
  9. Wristbands are only valid if purchased from the Guild of Students.
  10. Wristbands purchased from unauthorised sources will be rendered invalid and refused admission.
  11. If you are in need of medical attention and treatment, St. Johns Ambulance will be onsite and Management will be able to advise further. Management may keep a record of your personal details, any accident suffered and treatment provided to you.
  12. Please respect the local residents when travelling to and from the Event and keep noise to a minimum.
  13. Damage or destruction to the site and structures, including but not limited to fires and graffiti, will result in removal from the Event with charges for criminal damage.
  14. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the Event.
  15. Vale Festival reserve the right to:(a) refuse admission in any circumstances, (b) evict any person breaching the terms and conditions of entry, committing a criminal offence, behaving in a disorderly manner or in a way that has an adverse effect on public safety, or behaving in an anti-social manner or in a way that causes a public nuisance,(c) evict all members of any group of persons where that group is behaving in a persistent anti-social manner.
    If you do not leave at our request, security will be asked to escort you from the site, and if deemed necessary, the police will be contacted.
  16. Admission is at your own risk. Vale Festival is unable to accept any liability for personal or property damages, losses (including surrendered items) or injuries sustained – other than caused as a result of our negligence.
  17. You give your express consent to your likeness to be included for no fee within any audio or visual recording at ValeFest to be used in any media for any purpose at any time. This includes filming by the police or security staff which may be carried out for the security of customers and/or the prevention of crime.
  18. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times.
  19. It is illegal for an over 18 to purchase alcohol on the behalf of under 18s.
  20. You and your possessions may be searched before entering and during the Event. Security reserves the right to search any persons they believe to be breaking these rules. If illegal substances are found, you may be prosecuted.
  21. Management may confiscate any item that is deemed illegal or unsuitable. This includes, without limitation, illegal or intoxicating substances including; “legal/herbal” highs, new psychoactive substances, nitrous oxide (NOS/laughing gas) and unidentifiable substances.
  22. If anyone is found in the possession of drugs, legal/herbal highs you will be treated as in possession of illegal drugs and may be arrested or refused entry to the Event, and dealt with in accordance to University policy.
  23. Any person carrying illegal items or carrying out illegal activity will be given to the Police and refused entry.
  24. Any item(s), reasonably considered for use as a weapon, which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person, must be surrendered to staff upon entrance.
  25. Anyone resisting the surrender of disallowed items or disregarding these conditions will face eviction.
  26. If removed from site for any reason by Management, there is no obligation on Vale Festival to refund any monies paid.
  27. Flares, and smoke devices are not permitted. Anyone in possession of these devices will be passed to the Police.
  28. E-Cigarettes and cigarettes are not allowed within tents. Smoking is not permitted in these spaces.
  29. Glass containers are not allowed on site.